It all began with one shirt.

It was a shirt I made for myself that I never planned on selling. I wanted a classic St. Louis shirt to bring with me as I headed back to college in Alabama. I spent some time searching but didn’t find what I was looking for. I was two years into my graphic design studies at the time and decided if there wasn’t one I could buy, I would make one myself. I designed my initial product then and there. The first time I wore the shirt out, a woman asked me where I had gotten it. My gut reaction was to tell her I sold them and get her contact information. If the two of us liked the shirt, I assumed others would too. I was twenty at the time and had enough passion (and a very supportive family) to fuel this little project. I started posting on social media and taking preorders, and the next thing I knew my parents’ dining room was covered in stacks of tees. I posted my designs on Etsy and headed back to school. As I sat through my business and design courses, growing my little t-shirt company was always in the back of my mind. I gave my senior presentation on my business and my dreams of growing it. I still remember that presentation. I vowed that regardless of whether or not I ended up in a cubicle a year out of college (I did), I would continue to push to design and sell my own products. I continued designing, I grew my Etsy page, and I began selling at local events throughout St. Louis. Over the next few years those stacks of shirts outgrew the dining room and overflowed into the better half of my parents’ house (thanks mom and dad), until eventually needing their own space all together.

Now 4+ years later, I have a team of 10 and a small storefront in Richmond Heights. I created Series Six because I am proud of where I was born and raised and I want to represent my hometown with designs that hone in on what make it special. We create products you can’t find anywhere else, that act as conversation pieces, and that are true to the city of St. Louis. Each design concept is carefully created, goes through a series of variations, is tweaked and perfected, and ultimately sent off to a local print shop. We're not a large corporation mass producing t-shirts. We are a small crew working day in and day out carefully creating the most innovative designs possible to ensure that those who love Saint Louis, like we do, have a way of showing it.

Want to hear more about Series Six? Interested in teaming up or have a design concept you want to see come to life? I would love to hear from you. Email me at sami@seriessixcompany.com.